Let Food Be Thy Medicine

- Hippocrates

I firmly believe that health and optimal well being begins with what you put in your mouth ... I'm talking about food  - the macro nutrients (fats, carbohydrates and proteins) and also micro nutrients (these are vitamins and minerals) that function as essential components in your body to allow a flourishing state of health.

Everything really begins in the soil and how healthy our cultivating Earth is; but my strength is in the human body, functionality and foods - so I'll focus on this...

I created this page to offer you a user-friendly database of recipes that are rich in health-enhancing nutrients and delectable at the same time.

Most of my recipes are plant and wholefood based; but occasionally I cook with, and consume meat, so I will share those recipes with you too.

My recipes are designed to be quick and easy - a great option for your busy mid-week dinner, although I will also post a few special recipes that take a little bit longer to craft but also bring so much joy that it would be a shame not to share those with you too.

For those cooking at home I hope you find inspiration and an invigorated sense of well-being through the use of my creations.

I have experience with meal planning, menu design and being a personal chef at multiple wellness retreat venues throughout New Zealand, this work brings me great joy to share and I am always open to collaboration in this field of engagement.

Read on for some special, health based recipes...