A Cuppa a Day- Daily rituals to keep the Drs at bay

Naturopathy aims for optimal health of the individual, this is quite different from the western medical framework- also known as an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. Within the naturopathic holistic health model there are many simple daily rituals that can support better health, more energy, sounder sleep and a more robust immune system (just to name a few benefits).

The daily ritual of tea drinking is my golden trick for progressing to a healthier you.

Life doesn't have to be all expresso shots and go-go-go, a simple cup of herbal tea a day facilitates a self care ritual and a tuning in process to ensure that you:

- Take time each day for yourself

- Stay hydrated and refreshed

- Gain healing and medicinal actions from steeped herbs

- Sit and breathe (and sip) either by yourself or in good company WE DON'T DO THIS ENOUGH

Tea doesn't have to be Gumboot style, with a bitter twang and a lump of sugar, it can be herbal, light, refreshing and powerful in action.

Tea first made its presence throughout my Otago University years- a warm cuppa each day was a flatting survival requirement, but now it is a daily routine that I love and cherish. The past two months have seen the design, development and of course taste testing of my herbal tea range- these tea's are each crafted for a specific medicinal action. Watch this space for the full range revealing but as the seasons change and Autumn kicks into full swing now is the best time to introduce you to Sun Tea...


Sun Tea is light and delicate

It has hints of Vietnamese Spice with an organic lemongrass base.

It brews a bright golden hue reminding you of summer days now past.

Sun tea supports the immune system- it may reduce the likelihood of ills and chills in our colder months.

Sun tea supports the removal of toxins from our body and ignites healing processes.

Sun tea is great if you'd like your skin to glow.


Lemongrass, calendula, echinacea


Steep 1 tsp of Sun Tea for ten minutes in fresh boiling water.

Sit down and sip with a smile.

Best followed by 1 tsp of raw manuka honey if you are keeping sickness at bay.

Sun Tea is currently available in small hand blended batches

Email me here: hello@naturallysarah.co.nz to start your daily ritual revolution and order now


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