The Secret Life of Flower Essences

6 years of study done and dusted, a plethora of practitioner-only supplements at my disposal, integrated knowledge of East mets West and what do I find myself fascinated by? Flowers.

These floral beauties take me by surprise most especially when carefully plucked in ritual and generated into a healing flower essence.

It is known that the flora of New Zealand is unique, our isolated geography has allowed diverse plants to cultivate and develop- many with potent medicinal properties, think of well known Manuka and heal-all Kawakawa. Our native plants can promote healing from a variety of ailments but I would love to share with you an insight into our New Zealand Flower Essences.

Flower essences can heal wounds that modern medicine doesn't have answers, or sometimes even words for. They work on release of detrimental emotional cognitive patterns and support freedom, confidence and creativity. Each native flower (there is 36) works on a specific emotional pattern to free the negative and repetitive and make way for emotional freedom, growth and positivity.

I have coined these essences A Bottle Of Sunshine and blend them up specifically for each individual depending on what they are facing, or what is troubling them. They are a gentle therapy and do not interact with other medications or foods, their power is vibrational and so resonates with the body as a whole.

They are simple to use and can fit tidily in your pocket or purse. The essences couple beautifully with the age-old practice of Daily Mantra (more on that later) and can provide instant and sustained relief from common emotions including anxiety, fear, isolation, worry, feeling tense, confidence and exhaustion.

If you would like to know more, or a curious for your own blend drop me a line!


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